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Using a Standard RDP Client Application


CyberArk supports launching of RDP connections directly from end users machine to a target system through the PSM server using the RDP PSM proxy component.


Use the PSM server/address for the Computer/Address section. The Username can be blank to prompt for username or enter the username of the CyberArk end-user.

Tajco PSM server is SKASPSM01v /










Under the Programs tab specify the PSM command to execute to connect to the target server. For this example we are connecting to the RUSRV server with user Admin using the PSM-RDP connection component.










If the machine running mstsc is Windows 10 it may not have the Programs tab. Add the following line to the .rdp file: alternate shell:s:psm /u target-user /a target-address /c connection-component


MSTSC has NLA enabled by default and the RDP connection will prompt a Windows Security window for authentication. To disable NLA when connecting with MSTSC, add the setting enablecredsspsupport:i:0 to one of the following files by editing the rdp file with notepad


CyberArk user connecting to the servers with privileged account svc_axprod@tajco to the server SKASAX01v :

Computer : SKASPSM01v /

RDP setting for shell :

alternate shell:s:psm /u svc_srvaxprod@tajco /a SKASAX01v /c PSM-RDP

RDP file example / content

Updated on 29/11/2017

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